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Cook Islands Attractions


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Cook Islands Attractions

Cook Islands Attractions

Takitumu Conservation Area
Visit the Takitumu Conservation Area and you can see (and hear!) one of the world's rarest birds. Hike into the hills and you'll visit the habitat of the endangered (and quite chatty!) kakerori.

Cultural Village
Learn the ancient skills of the Rarotongan people with a tour of the Cultural Village. You'll be taught fishing, how to make dancing costumes and medicine from plants, how to husk a coconut, blow a conch shell and play a traditional wooden slit drum.

Island Night Spectacular
A cultural experience not to be missed, your evening begins with a chance to see how Island people today still cook in underground ovens with hot rocks and banana and coconut palm leaves. Enjoy the sumptuous feast and the sensual, authentic dances.

Cook Islands Activities

Four-Wheel Drive Mountain Safari
A half-day guided tour of the volcano and the rainforests of Rarotonga includes the spot where the ocean-going outrigger canoes left to discover and settle New Zealand. You get terrific views of the island, of the fringing lagoons and of the vast, blue Pacific Ocean.

Scuba Diving
The scuba diving in the Cook Islands is both spectacular and a great value. You'll find world-class dive sites, with visibility in the 100 to 200-foot range, and are canyons, caves, and drop-offs to explore, colorful fish to feed and a variety of coral to marvel at.

Walks and Climbs
A popular visitor activity is a cross-island mountain trek on Rarotonga, which takes about four hours. Or for those interested in a variety of marine life, the reef is a great place to explore when the tide is low. More adventurous guided walks are also available.

Lagoon Cruise
Take a glass-bottom boat cruise of Muri Lagoon and you can watch the fish being fed and snorkel off the boat, then stop at a deserted island (motu) for a beach barbeque. You can also explore the shipwreck that's located on the other side of the motu.

Star Gazing
Islands like Rarotonga and Aitutaki, far away from the lights of big cities, give you the chance to experience the magic and wonder of the night sky twinkling with trillions of stars. You're almost guaranteed to see a shooting star, and there's no charge!

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