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Los Cabos, Mexico

The two towns of San Josť del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the rugged Baja Peninsula are commonly grouped together and referred to as Los Cabos.
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Los Cabos Mexico Vacations

San Josť del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are separated not just by 33km (21 miles), but by distinct attitudes and ways of life. Where Cabo San Lucas mirrors a spirited version of Los Angeles lifestyle, San Josť del Cabo remains a traditional, tranquil Mexican small town.
Great sportfishing originally brought attention to Los Cabos, which was once accessible only by water. It remains a lure today, although golf has overtaken it as the principal attraction. As early as the 1940s, the area attracted a hearty community of cruisers, fishermen, divers, and adventurers.
The road that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Josť del Cabo is the centerpiece of resort growth. Known as "the Corridor," this well-paved four-lane stretch offers cliff-top vistas. The area's deluxe resorts and renowned golf courses are here, along with a collection of dramatic beaches and coves. The view is especially outstanding in January and February, when gray whales often spout close to shore.

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